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Hey there, it’s Sonja. Are you ready???

“About to launch”… for WAY too long?  List size too small, course not finished, social media followers non-existent or completely unengaged… Yawn…

I’ve been there and this is what I discovered – and what flipped my launching world around:

The success of your launch depends on what you do LONG before you think about clever webinar topics, wonder whether you should get help with your opt-in pages or hire a copy writer to create your sales page and email content…

See, when you’ve been told – like so many out there – to put most of your energy into preparing what happens during the launch execution stage and ignore what a pre-launch plan and strategy can do for you, then you’re only a step away from drudging endless hours behind your computer, pulling these night-shifts while your family is happily asleep, desperately looking for ways to fill your webinar or challenge – only to end up with below par sales – realizing that launching that way won’t grow your business…

Here’s how you can get started: Download your #freelaunchplanner and let’s get to work.


Grow your business – one launch at a time. Whether you love DIY or thrive on group support and accountability, find what’s right for your business stage and budget.


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Get custom designed strategies that are tailored to work for you and your business so you can have the launch and results you desire without killing yourself in the process.

Meet A Few Of My Happy Clients

I thought I “knew” what launching was about, and that it was just a matter of putting it into practice, but now I realize I didn’t know what I didn’t know. I learned so much that I have now used and already gotten results from, and I haven’t even completed the coursework yet! Sonja is brilliant! 

KRISTIE LeBEAU| Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

Sonja is an amazing coach as she is patient and very knowledgeable on what she teaches. You can trust what she is teaching to bring about a transformation in your business. There wasn’t a challenge too big for her to address so you stand to gain 100% return on your investment.

ALVERN BULLARD | Social Media Strategist

Sonja has so much knowledge that she shares openly; she makes launching a course seem so simple! If you are interested in working with her, I would encourage you to make sure you give her (and yourself) the time your project deserves and you will reap the benefits!


Working with Sonja has been great. She helped me not only create a launch plan that I know will work but provided me the confidence and clarity to be strategic in my marketing plan. She provided all the tools and support I needed to creating an amazing launch. Thank you Sonja!

DARLENE HAWELY | Brand & Business Clarity Coach

I have loved this course! It put all the pieces together in a streamlined roadmap and I now have a plan in place to actually launch my program instead of dreaming of launching. Sonja provides all the tools and strategies to launch your program, all you need is the willingness to do the work and the courage to put yourself out there.

DENA McCOMB | Strategic Life Coach and Brain Trainer

Sonja has a calm and approachable demeanor which helps keep you focused and not overwhelmed by the concepts and steps involved in launching. I highly recommend working with her!

GILLIAN HARVEY | Branding and Business Strategy for Rising and Aspiring Female Entrepreneurs

I learned everything needed to launch a course and I feel like I am finally ready!

SHYERA McCOLLOUGH | Virtual Assistant

Do yourself a favor and make the time to DO THIS COURSE. Don’t buy and not participate. DO IT. Set aside a good amount of time to follow through. Sonja manages the group well and is active. Make time to be sure you get all the info she has to offer.

You’ll be so glad you did.

JODI BROWN | Autoimmune Coach

Sonja is a great coach and gives her “real life” insights and valuable experiences. I feel really prepared for my first upcoming launch. Thanks Sonja.

TANJA RÖSNER | User Experience Designer and Consultant

Launching my course seemed overwhelming. Sonja has taken an intimidating process and broken it down into logical, easy to implement steps. The best part is that her system teaches how to guide your audience through the launch in a way that feels natural.

DANIELLE NAPOLIO COX | Founder, Emotional Wholeness for Women

Sonja is an incredible source of launching excellence. The material is well presented and full of ideas on how to use own resources as well as paid-for leads. The attention to detail is only surpassed by Sonja’s genuine passion for the success of her clients. A truly wonderful experience.

CHRISTINE HULCKER | Website Strategist

I quickly went from feeling overwhelmed to as if I’d conquered the world. The part of selling my course I was dreading, I’m now looking forward to. Thank you, Sonja!

KJ BLATTENBAUER | Founder of Hearsay PR

Sonja is a gifted teacher and coach who can simplify the launching process and make it feel easy and totally manageable. She has a very down-to-earth approach that set me at ease right away. Really love her strategy.

REBECCA KELLOGG | Energy Mentor for High Achieving Empaths

Sonja’s course helped me take all the bits of advice I’ve heard before and really understand how that applies to MY business. 

I learned how to solidify my professional appearance online, connect with my potential clients without being spammy or salesy, and within a few days… I had over 90 NEW contacts anxiously awaiting the start of my beta course.

VERONICA LAMB | Food Sensitivity Coach

If you want to launch an online course before wasting your time follow Sonja’s method!


I’ve started to follow your precious advice and teachings and I saw pretty good changing in my Facebook page! I had new subscribers on my page and people comment my posts and new videos! And that was during the first week of your course!

DANIELA GOZZO- Foreign languages teacher (English and Italian)

Sonja gives you high quality content in an understandable way. The strategy she teaches is clear and easy to implement. The big and scary process of launching, feels now completely doable and no longer confusing.

ALICJA CIESIELSKA - Blogger at JustRedefine.com

Sonja completely opened my eyes to what it takes to successfully launch a course. My god, who knew?! Do yourself a favor, learn the ends and outs before you take on your next launch!

AMBER WYNN, Philanthrepreneur